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Australian Permanent Mission to the UN

The Australian Mission to the United Nations in New York is one of four posts representing Australia’s interests in the United Nations system. The other posts are in Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi.

The Mission serves as the nucleus of the Australian delegation to the regular sessions of the General Assembly and represents Australia at a range of UN meetings that take place when the Assembly is not in session.

Australia is firmly committed to the United Nations. Engaging with the multilateral system, including through the UN, is a key pillar of Australia’s foreign policy. This is because we live in a complex, inter-connected world where countries cannot address on their own some of the major challenges we face today. Australia is determined to work through the UN to enhance security, improve economic and social well-being, and strengthen environmental protection, worldwide.

The Mission is led by the Permanent Representative, Gillian Bird, and the Deputy Permanent Representative, Caitlin Wilson.

Australian Mission to the United Nations

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