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Australia and the UNSC
Our approach

Australia is committed to making a difference for small and medium countries.

Security and development

Australia understands the intrinsic connection between security and development.  Our extensive peacekeeping experience and strong record as a development partner in the Asia Pacific and beyond underpins our commitment to ensure that peacebuilding and development are central to any effective response to conflict. Australia will work to ensure the Council prioritises peacebuilding and development in its deliberations and mandates.

Conflict prevention

Drawing on our experience in integrated approaches to conflict prevention in the Asia Pacific, Australia will promote enhanced use of preventive tools at the Council’s disposal, including greater cooperation between and support for the efforts of local, regional, and international actors.  Australia recognises the importance of supporting local approaches to preventing violent conflict with appropriate international responses. Australia’s work on the Council will focus on addressing the drivers of conflict by better aligning security and development efforts towards strengthening institutions that promoting peace and security.

Protection of civilians

Australia believes that protection of civilians is central to the promotion of peace and security. Drawing on our record of practical contributions to strengthen peacekeeping, Australia will work to ensure the Council provides peacekeepers with the mandate, training and guidance they need to protect civilians.

Involving women in peace and security operations

Australia recognises that involving women both in operations and in building new institutions after conflict is not just important as an equity issue – it also means these efforts are far more likely to succeed.

Regional and sub-regional organisations

Australia understands the vital role that regional and sub-regional organisations have to play in addressing peace and security issues. Australia’s record of leadership of regional peace missions means we are committed to ensuring the Council cooperates closely with regional bodies and encourages their participation in Council deliberations.


A long-standing advocate for Security Council reform, Australia believes that greater transparency will enhance the credibility of the Council’s work. We will offer a voice for the small and medium countries of the world.  Australia is deeply committed to ensuring the views, experiences and lessons of the broader UN membership are heard by the Council.

Australia: Making a difference for the small and medium countries of the world